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In its mission to build better communities, Prestige Homes carries on Shaw's commitment to providing the highest quality products and services.

Prestige Homes has been manufacturing beautiful and functional modular homes since 1973 from our manufacturing facility in Sussex, New Brunswick. Our solid and long-standing reputation brought us into The Shaw Group of companies in 1999.

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Why Prestige Homes?

Our design and construction processes are unparalleled, ensuring each home exceeds building codes, often surpassing performance of the average home builder. All materials used in every home are protected from the elements. However, our flexibility and customization are what we really win over competitors.

We understand that our customers each have unique needs when it comes to layout and functionality and various preferences in finishings. The degree of customization Prestige offers in engineering fit and finishes, means we can work closely with our customers throughout the process to deliver a product that truly meets their needs, wants and budget.

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Why Modular Homes?

There are many benefits to modular homes over the resale market or other new construction; the most valuable is the ability to offer affordable new construction in rural areas. Often in these areas, options for home builders are limited – sometimes even non-existent – and building new, if possible, is extremely expensive.

Due to our volume of production and supplier networks set up all over Canada, Prestige has buying power and can build anywhere for a reasonable market price. Rural builders – and even many urban builders – do not have this advantage on materials. We belong to a buying group for materials, purchasing them by truckload to save on supplies and transportation. 

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Our Products

We are pleased to offer various categories of homes, including:​











Within each category, we offer multiple options of styles, layouts and sizes. On top of that, our designs are completely customizable, so our customers get exactly what they want, wrapped up in a high-quality, energy-efficient, attractive package. 

Our Customers

Our homes are sold through our authorized independent retailers throughout Atlantic Canada and Maine. Recently we have established strategic partnerships with developers to offer our products to new demographics in new markets. While rural homeowners make up many of our end customers, new partnerships are helping to expand our demographic and our footprint into more urban areas.

Our passionate retail team will give you all the information and advice to help you make decisions confidently before, during, and after your home is built.

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The Shaw Group is one of Eastern Canada's leading community developers, residential builders and natural resource manufacturers, employing approximately 600 people and producing nearly 1,000 individual products. With a 160-year history, the company has a reputation for reliable products, strong leadership, and innovation.

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