Prestige Homes - Pepper Kitchens

Like any good dish, your kitchen should be a reflection of your tastes.It should invite you in and awaken your senses. Bold. Distinctive. Unexpected.

Welcome to Pepper Kitchens. Made to Taste.

We’ve developed a kitchen cabinet experience quite unlike any other – with many options to help bring your personality to the fore and your vision to life. Create something completely custom, or choose from one of four distinct designer-curated lines to zone in on your style, then pepper in a little you.

There’s nothing standard about our standard

Pepper Kitchens are chock full of options that most cabinet companies would charge extra for. Some are obvious, others are not, but all are part of our minimum standard – a standard well above industry norms.

Pepper standard features include:

  • Blind dado joinery in all cabinets and drawers for a sleeker finish. It’s all in the details.
  • Fridge-top cabinets 26” deep to better line up with the front of the appliance. Cleaner look, easier access.
  • Fridge side panels for a seamless look. No more distasteful side-fridge.
  • 2 banks of 3 drawers*, plus an extra drawer on top of each 12”+ cabinet. Way more drawers.
  • 5/8” melamine on all drawer sides and bases, standard. No ugly metal sides. No flimsy drawer bottoms. Just darn solid drawers.
  • Pull-out trash bin* to conceal garbage and save floor space. We’ve pulled out all the stops.
  • Industry-leading 2K Polyurethane paints & stains. Simply a superior surface finish.
  • Soft-close drawers and cabinet doors. Sshhh.
  • Full-extension drawer slides reveal the whole drawer tray. Maximum accessibility.
  • 3 roll-out drawers for better access in all pantries*. That’s how we roll.

Show-stopping recipes


Designer-curated kitchens to suit your style

While customizability is great, picking kitchen finishes from hundreds of possibilities can be daunting. So, we asked our professional interior designers to curate four distinct cabinet lines. Simply choose the line that best suits your tastes and feel free to pepper in a little you by choosing finishes outside of your chosen designer line.

Classic. Traditional. Natural.

For traditionalists with a love of ornate design and craftsmanship, the Heritage line brings together classic style and natural finishes. Create that sense of comfort and belonging you feel when you walk into an older home - now combined with all the modern conveniences.

Homey. Comfortable. Inviting.

For those who appreciate a sense of comfort and casual good taste, the Farm & Cottage line combines an inviting feel with softer, earthy colours. From wooded sanctuary to lakeside blues and whites, the feel is less stark than our more modern lines, but maintains a touch of class.


Contemporary. Classic. Timeless.

For the modern-minded homeowner seeking a contemporary feel that won't age quickly. A design philosophy embodied by the shaker door - around forever, yet forever in style. Clean lines with a touch of decoration. Forward-thinking, inspired by design that transcends time.


Modern. Clean. Minimalist.

For those seeking a kitchen that stands out by making as little noise as possible. Inspired by the latest European design trends, flat panels, clean lines and straight edges gently draw you in before aggressive textures hit you with striking impact. Welcome to the kitchen of tomorrow - no time travel required .